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About Us | Food for Dreams

"Food for Dreams was born from the passion for Italy and for good things. Those done well. The products you find on our webshop are the first fruits of a research work and a careful selection that continues over time. Our excellences tell beautiful stories of people passionate about their art; of those who respect the times of nature and know how to skillfully blend tradition, experience and passion. The result is poetry for the palate. Browse the categories and take a piece of Italy to your home!"

Ylenia_Basilico_Co-founder_and_Head_of_Marketing__Sales_MAV4_GmbH_Food_for_Dreams  Ylenia Basilico linkedin

   Co-founder and Head of Marketing & Sales 



MAV4 GmbH Tumigerstrasse 2 8606 Greifensee

Phone 0041775253193
Email info@foodfordreams.ch

PostFinance AG - account no. 15-262511-0

IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 1526 2511 0
MAV4 GmbH - 8606 Greifensee


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