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A plate of a starred restaurant 'in a jar'? Yes it's possible! We introduce our line of gourmet dishes cooked by Italian star chefs and preserved in jars. Just open the jar and gently heat to enjoy all the aromas and flavors of a 'starry' cuisine at home. Try them all!

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Duck in orange sauce Davide Palluda 200g

Product no.: 000217

Italia Piedmont

CHF 13.10 *

Rabbit "alla Piemontese" in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Davide Palluda (200g)

Product no.: 000066

Italia Piedmont

CHF 9.70 *
Limited availability: only 10 left.
Delivery: 3 working days

Capon and black truffle Davide Palluda (200g)

Product no.: 000067

Italia Piedmont

CHF 14.30 *
Limited availability: only 11 left.
Delivery: 3 working days

Sweet and sour vegetables, capers and basil Davide Palluda (300g)

Product no.: 000302

Italia Piedmont

CHF 8.00 *
Limited availability: only 3 left.
Delivery: 3 working days

Guinea fowl with vegetables Davide Palluda (200g)

Product no.: 000068

Italia Piedmont

CHF 9.60 *
Limited availability: only 5 left.
Delivery: 3 working days

'Gourmet jar' Gift box Davide Palluda

Product no.: 000357

Italia Piedmont

CHF 51.30 *
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